Discover the Illustrious Career of Joseph P. Klock

The law changes virtually every day on a multitude of levels including on a national, federal, and local level. With all of these changes happening with our laws, it is critical to have legal assistance from an individual who has a firm understanding of the fundamentals of law yet has also worked on many different cases that have allowed him to use his many years of practicing law to better assist clients.

Joseph P. Klock, Jr. has been working in law for numerous years. He has used his experience in law to successfully litigate a countless number of complex cases while keeping his focus on providing his clients a pro bono tradition and the most comprehensively professional level of service. Joseph has worked in General Litigation, International and Criminal Defense cases on different levels and he continues to serve South Florida. At the law firm of Rasco, Klock Perez & Nieto, he holds a Partner position.

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